Close your eyes and picture a man. He has the charisma of David Bowie, the undeniable sex appeal of Marc Bolan and the insatiable cockiness of Freddie Mercury. Well, that's the man I wish a was, or at least what I'm aspiring to be. What I do absolutely have in common with these men is the need to share my talents with the world, the hunger to create and innovate, and the foolish believe I can disrupt an entire industry.

And although I look smashing in an 80's leotard, I just don't have the musical chops to back that up. What I can do is code like no other and make data speak, even sing. With that, I want to bring a touch of glam to an industry that might otherwise be considered as ... well, dull and boring. And as Salman Rushdie once said: "education will save the world". So with this blog, I plan to do my part, in my own quirky and effed up way.

Your Savior, Glamdevhero aka Nicolas Lierman

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